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♂ Andropause

Men RAD -Testosterone Decline

As men grow older, levels of free testosterone decrease and estrogen levels increase at 40 years old. Testosterone levels for men are half that at 20. As if the decline in testosterone weren't problematic enough, new research has shown that even small increases in estrogen may have detrimental effects on men's cardiovascular health.

Andropause for a man occurs when there is a drastic drop in the hormone levels. Although total testosterone may not drop drastically, free testosterone, or the active form of testosterone, drops significantly with age.


The Symptoms: Are you in Need?

If you checked two or more of the symptoms, then you may suffer from Andropause.

□ Decreased Erections
□ Decreased Mental Ability
□ Prostate Problems
□ Decreased Muscle Mass
□ Increased Abdominal Fat
□ Decreased Urine Flow
□ Increased Urinary Urge
□ Decreased Stamina
□ Decreased Flexibility
□ Fatigue/Exhaustion
□ Sleep Disturbances
□ Burned-Out Feeling
□ Foggy Thinking
□ Elevated Triglycerides
□ Headaches
□ Depression
□ Decreased Libido
□ Thinning Hair
□ Insulin Resistance
□ Anxiety
□ Irritability
□ Bone Loss
□ Aches & Pains
□ High Cholesterol
□ Aggression
□ Night Sweats
□ Heart Palpitations
□ Nervousness

If you checked off two or more of these symptoms you may suffer from Andropause.
A BHRT program and T-Pellets has been shown to help relive these symptoms.